Heart, Sex & Intimacy – Summer Retreat (16-21 July 2019)

We warmly invite you to join us in this delightful 6-days summer retreat in a beautiful green place in the East of Holland!

What we offer…
In this retreat we create a warm and open space for you to explore:

  • the power and vulnerability of the heart
  • the beauty of deep intimacy with your own body and its feelings, with nature, with other people and with the divine
  • the miracle of tapping into your innate sexual life force energy, giving you the opportunity to remember how it feels to be fully alive
  • the secret of how the body, heart, sex, and intimacy are tools on your tantric journey of awakening and liberation.

How we work…
We use dance, body work, breath work, tantric meditations (neo-tantra & classical tantra), games, Wheel of Consent, massage, cacao ceremony, yoga, sharings, self-inquiry, open space sessions, shadow work, Liquid Love session, hot tub and being outside in nature. Although we will have intense moments together, there will also be free time to relax.

As we invite you to perceive the world more and more through the body and the senses instead of through the mind, we will play a lot with sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.


♥ Cacao Ceremony  ♥ Hot Tub ♥ Liquid Love Session ♥ Canto Ostinato ♥

Friendly note wink:
To fully enjoy the benefits of this retreat, you should not only seek bliss but also be open to meet your shadows, fears, resistance
and other stuff that possibly keeps you away from being open and fully alive.
‘No mud, no lotus’

For who is this retreat?
This advanced retreat is for you if you have already (some) experience in tantra or in body work/meditation/intimate work/personal growth.

For a first step in tantra, this retreat is probably too intense. Please contact Wendy if you have questions about this: wendy@blissyourbody.nl.

Although Bliss Your Body is mainly working with young people (up to 40), anyone who feels young at heart is welcome to join.


What we expect…
We expect that you are capable of expressing your own boundaries and of asking for support if you need it. We also expect you to fully respect the boundaries of others.

Although this retreat will be intimate in different ways, there is no sexual activity involved/allowed during the sessions.

The retreat is open both to singles and (a few) couples but it is not a couples retreat. If you come with a partner we invite you to do at least as many meditations with other participants as with your partner.

Venue & food
Land van Lisa in Rekken (Achterhoek, East of Holland) is a beautiful, large and green venue in an old school with dorm-style accommodation and camping possibility (bring your own tent or camper).

It is also possible to rent a room in one of the B&B’s close by, in case you really want a single or double room. Contact Wendy if you need more details about this.

Stefan van Rooij from the Inspiratiekoker will provide the most delicious food for us (dietary preferences possible).

Prices – buy fast, pay less
Price: 849 Euro if you sign up before 1st of May (after that: 949 Euro).
Prices include 21% VAT.


Dates & times
We start on Tuesday the 16th of July, at 10.30 am. You are welcome to arrive from 9.15 am.
We will finish on Sunday the 21st of July, around 5.00 pm.

What’s included?
Included: 6 full days of training, vegetarian and mostly organic food, accommodation dorm-style or camping in the big garden, hot tub (2x) and cacao ceremony.
Excluded: travel costs, optional private room in B&B close to venue

Information & sign up
To sign up, please send an email in Dutch or English to wendy@blissyourbody.nl with your name, address, phone number, age, nationality and experience in tantra (in case you’re new to us).
Note: during the retreat we will speak Dutch or English (if we have participants who do not speak Dutch).

This retreat is organised by Bliss Your Body (Wendy Doeleman & team).
Since 2010 Wendy guides (young) people on the tantric path. Together with her partner Remi and a team of dedicated assistants she will guide and support you in a heartful way during this retreat.

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