Bliss Your Body offers tantra workshops and trainings as well as individual sessions. We combine aspects of neo-tantra with elements of ancient tantra lineages as the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra.

We mainly work in the Netherlands (Holland) and Belgium but in the future we may spread our wings to other countries.
Most participants of our workshops are young, between 18-45 years old, but we have also workshops for all ages.

Workshops are usually led in Dutch but especially in short (evening) workshops we are able to provide translation for you. So feel welcome and sign up if you are interested to join us.

We offer:
– Evening and day workshops
– Courses (8 evenings)
– Retreats and the Intensive Tantra Training, for people who already have some experience in tantra
– Individual sessions (de-armouring, massage, body oriented coaching)
– Sex Education for adolescents, from a tantric point of view, see Hartelust.

In this video you see a workshop of Bliss Your Body (with English subtitles):

For any further questions, please contact Wendy: wendy@blissyourbody.nl.


Meld je hier aan voor onze maandelijkse nieuwsbrief. Iedere 10e aanmelding ontvangt een kortingsbon van 15 Euro voor een workshop of individuele sessie. In onze privacyverklaring kun je lezen dat we zorgvuldig met je persoonsgegevens omgaan.